Pin drop! ladies’ adventurous sport in Chiang Mai

Pin drop! ladies' adventurous sport in Chiang Mai
Pin drop! ladies’ adventurous sport in Chiang Mai

          It is well-known Chiang Mai is a tourist city. There is not only a beautiful nature or good atmosphere which are highlighted, adventure sports for ladies is popular and interesting activity here. 

          In our teen-age, we have less choice for us to do adventurous activities. This would make most people have no experience with Go-Karting; Chiang Mai’s adventure sport that can’t be missed. Doi Suthep sight-seeing or sipping coffee & chill is very interesting but can fill up your blast with “Chiang Mai Circuit”. The sports place for adventurous girl to explore your driving skills through your lane today. 

Ladies can’t be miss out, Chiang Mai go-kart sport

          Think about adventurous activities, especially driving and speed like Go-Karting. Ladies would flash think it will be fit in to herself or not. Let’s must prove it yourself at “Chiangmai Circuit”, the largest outdoor go kart in Chiang Mai and the best go kart track at northern at San Klang, San Kamphang district. We offer full service of kart rental and assist anyone who interesting in unlimited experiencing adventurous sport in Chiang Mai. We deliver enjoyment of driving with international standard and high safety tracks.

          Certainly, the greatest strength of go karting is no boundaries between gender or age to enjoy this activity. Even young children who high less than 130 centimeters can be able to drive. This could assure to ladies no worries about when you are looking for adventurous activity for women. This weekend, don’t forget to hold up hands person beside you, friends, or family to meet up a good time together, let’s think about our go kart (opt: Chiangmai CirCuit). 

ท่องเที่ยวเชิงกิจกรรมกีฬาแอดเวนเจอร์เชียงใหม่ ต้อง Chiangmai Circuit

Begin your adventurous sport activities in Chiang Mai with Chiangmai Circuit

          Experience enjoyment with the high level of speed and strength for ladies’ adventurous sport. Excitement on the largest outdoor go-kart track in the Northern with “Chiangmai Circuit.” Create new memories with challenging activities within security standard from professional team.