Promotion Racing in the rain, only 299 baht from normal 600 baht

The promotion for the rainy season is only 299 baht from the normal price of

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Special promotion buy 2 races, get 1 race free for 1,299 baht.

Great promotions Just buy a go-kart coupon before 2:30 p.m. and receive a promotion: buy

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FAQ about promotion

The customers can see a promotion on the Chiangmai Circuit – Go Kart Facebook fan page.

Now, we have a promotion for the rainy season. The special price is only 199 Baht / 10 minutes (the normal price is 600 Baht/pax). 

If students show a student card, we will give a special promotion price of only 490 Baht/pax (the normal price is 600 Baht/pax). 

The student can use our gokart promotion at any time.