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Chiangmai Circuit

The largest gokart track in Chiang Mai international standards Ready for you to come and have fun today.

Welcome all customers to the Chiang Mai go-kart track.
We offer go-kart rental services and let you rent a go-kart track all year round. Including many activities to compete for prizes.

Welcome all customers to the Chiang Mai go-kart track.
We offer go-kart rental services and let you rent a go-kart track all year round. Including many activities to compete for prizes.

Why Choose the Chiangmai Circuit? Is it the best go-kart track?

Go-karts and tracks that meet international standards

Chiangmai Circuit has brought international safety to both go-karts and go-kart racetracks as “good things of Chiang Mai” that guarantee safety from the staff team that takes care of every service point and a first aid room ready to deal with any unexpected events.

Complete standard service center

We are ready to provide care for your kart by skilled technicians who can maintain, repair, and clean it. Provides all important parts of the kart. Always in good condition in our service center.

Facilities for accessing the service

On our Chiang Mai go-kart track, there are many amenities for customers, such as free safety equipment, a lounge for customers who come to Karting, and a relaxation corner with a go-kart simulator for everyone to use. or rental services for venues for organizing events.

What is Chiangmai Circuit?

Chiangmai Circuit, a go-kart racetrack that is a fun tourist attraction in the largest race track in the San Kamphaeng area. Chiang Mai, which has been certified to international standards and has been certified by the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (ROYAT) under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King. Guaranteed that customers in both adult groups and children will receive comprehensive safety Because there is safety equipment available for free use, there is a first aid room inside. Ready to have a team to take care of every service point. There are also go-karts for rent for adults. and children’s go-karts Or you can bring your own car to test the field as well.


We provide both go-kart rentals and private go-karts.

Can be driven by all genders, all ages, height from 115 cm.

It is a driving practice field for racers.

Rental service for automotive racing venues

There is a first aid room inside the stadium.

Air conditioned room with food and drinks for customers.

The most modern Racing Simulator game console.

There is a team to take care of customers at every service point.

For the Chiangmai Circuit, we have a team of technicians with a lot of experience. We give you good advice about karts. They also use standard equipment and genuine spare parts to guarantee the quality and safety of your kart. There will definitely not be any problems. We are more outstanding than anyone else. It will be in the service section that covers all parts. Responding to customer needs directly and having a team of experts provide advice go-kart advice at any time. Whether the customer is a beginner or an existing racer, we welcome you all very much. We are ready to provide the most exciting experience at Chiangmai Circuit which offers a variety of services such as kart storage, pit rental, car setup, and many more. You can contact us at the phone number 092-324-7555.


Chiangmai Circuit has services that add even more convenience to customers. Inside the lounge of the go-kart racetrack, there are also facilities such as food, drinks, safety equipment for driving go-karts and lockers for storing things. The most exclusive Go Kart driver’s lounge and first aid room with the highest standards.

Safety equipment


For safety in driving go-karts, Chiangmai Circuit has standard safety equipment, including helmets, neck blockers, racing suits, gloves, and shoes, which can reduce risks and increase safety for customers. We think primarily about the safety of our customers.

First aid room


Chiangmai Circuit is a go-kart track where we consider the safety of our customers to be our primary concern. In case of an emergency, we have prepared a first-aid room to help you deal with and treat injuries in a timely manner. Reduce the risk of complications. Our trained team can assess the severity of your go-kart injuries. and provide appropriate care until medical professional help.

exclusive lounge


Chiangmai Circuit also has a comfortable customer reception zone with a 180-degree view so that customers can soak up the atmosphere and every important shot of driving a go-kart next to the track. Moreover, there is food and beverage service. We hope that customers who come to use our services will get joy and experience from playing go-karts that they have never had before.

Food & drink


We offer special food menus, whether Thai food, American food, or snacks, along with beverages like tea and coffee, both hot and cold, selected for you to enjoy your meal in the clean lounge.


Contact us

Phone : 092-324-7555
Email : [email protected]


Chiangmai Circuit – Go Kart 188/12
San Klang Subdistrict, San Kamphaeng District
Chiangmai 50130

Office hours

Open every day
From 11.00 a.m. – 21.00 p.m.

Location of Chiangmai Circuit

Our go-kart track is located on the main road in San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, easily accessible via the road.
On Google map, there is a parking lot to accommodate customers who come to use the service.