Be careful! Heatstroke when playing outdoor sports

How to avoid heat stroke If you want to join in the fun of outdoor sports like go-karting activities in Chiang Mai.

Recruitment for racers “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”

Recruiting kart racers, Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024, Round 2, divided into 2 categories: Rental Kart and Racing Kart 4 Stoke (Stock).

Safety standards in Chiangmai Circuit

Chiangmai Circuit is a full-service go-kart track in Chiang Mai. Always emphasize safety standards for customers who come to use the service.

Reveal the secret! Training for go-kart racers at Chiang Mai Circuit

Chiang Mai Circuit teaches both theory and practice. Make you a powerful kart racer. And adapt it to create unique techniques in the sport of karting

Atmosphere at the Chiangmai Circuit go-kart race, January 2024

Endurance Winter 2024 go-kart competition at Chiangmai Circuit, featuring 8 Thai and foreign racers teams.

The go-kart racing equipment that racers use when driving go-karts.

Driving a go-kart, safety equipment is necessary to prevent accidents and reduce injury to the body.

Looking for family-friendly adventure activities in Chiang Mai?

Enjoy family adventure activities like go-karting at Chiang Mai Circuit - the perfect new way to relax!

The Story of Chiangmai Circuit Go-kart

Chiangmai Circuit go-kart track: a practice field for go-kart enthusiasts, a platform to develop children's interest in racing

Popular sport! What can the extreme sport “Go Kart” expand on?

The current popular activity is go-karting. This type of sport is very adventurous and provides a great challenge to life.

Pin drop! ladies’ adventurous sport in Chiang Mai

Can fill up your blast with Chiang Mai Circuit The sports place for adventurous girls to explore your driving skills through your lane today.