Recruitment for racers “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”

เปิดรับสมัครนักแข่งในงาน “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”
เปิดรับสมัครนักแข่งในงาน “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”

          From the first round of the go-kart competition at “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024” there was a very good response. With racers applying from many nationalities. From childhood to adulthood Make it an activity that is both fun. and see each person’s driving technique Therefore we have organized this activity again. To come and test our skills again.

          Anyone who likes speed on the go-kart track soon, please prepare yourself. Because Chiang Mai Circuit has opened applications for go-kart racers for the event “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2” which will be held on Sunday, May 26, 2024, divided into 2 categories: Rental Kart and Racing Kart 4 Stoke ( Stock) with applications open, limited to 24 people only.

Recruitment detail “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”

          For information on applying for Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2, this round will include both rental car models. and private go-karts Each type is further divided into 2 models, with details as follows:

  1. Rental Kart type has 2 models as follows.
  • Amateur rental car model
  • Car Rental Pro model

The Apply Fee is only 3,000 baht / Driver

Note :  Novice Driver can register for Professional class batch with  Additional Apply Fee only 2,000 baht 

  1. For the Racing Kart 4 Stoke (Stock) open for 2 classes :
  • Racing Kart 4 Stroke (Stock)  Junior (Age 11-14 years old)
  • Racing Kart 4 Stroke (Stock)  Senior (Above 14 years old)

The Apply Fee  is only 9,500  baht

(Including 1 set of new Maxxis PRIME tyre for this Race Event)

Apply now :

Additional conditions:

          I would like to ask all go-kart racers to register at the designated time. If the racer doesn’t arrive on time, The officials request permission to draw numbers of cars / groups / car starting positions on behalf of the racer and cannot replace the racer in any case.

schedule kart race round 2 01
schedule kart race round 2 02

          Applications will end on May 25, 2024. More details. For the Kart Race 2024 Round 2 competition, you can follow it on our social media channels. The information about the competition rules will be clearly explained.