Chiang Mai Circuit offers general and special services to customers, such as pit rental, go-kart washing services, and kart setup. Additionally, mementos like t-shirts, key chains, tumblers, etc. are available for purchase. If you have any more queries, you can get in touch with the counter personnel and other channels, or you can ask further questions by calling Tel. 092-324-7555

Private parking for a go kart

100 BATH/Day , 1,000 BATH/Month

Car washing

300 BATH

Pit rental fee

9,500 BATH/Month

Regular service

700 BATH/Day

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FAQ about other services

The Chiang Mai Circuit has a security storage room and CCTV cameras recording events 24 hours a day.

Chiang Mai Circuit has a pit rental service for 9,500 baht per month.

The general service is to prepare the kart for driving, such as checking tire pressure, injecting the chain, refueling, lifting the kart, etc. The price is 700 baht per day, and there is an exclusive service fee if the customer wants to customize the car at a specific point, such as setting up the seat, changing the engine, or providing repair services if the vehicle is damaged. The price is calculated at a specific point. Customers can ask for prices from the track staff.