Complete your challenge with Chiang Mai Circuit activities

Complete your challenge with Chiang Mai Circuit activities
Complete your challenge with Chiang Mai Circuit activities

          If you are looking for an exciting adventure in Chiang Mai, going go-karting at Chiang Mai Circuit is another way to create an exciting experience. As it is a large go-kart track with many curves to play, whether you are a racer or a beginner, this outdoor sports activity will help create more happiness in life.

          In addition, our track will more than ever complete the challenge and fun of outdoor sports with monthly best-time activities and season competitions. In every competition, the top 3 winners will receive immediate prizes. Anyone interested in Chiang Mai adventure activities that offer fun and prizes should come to this go-kart track. Everyone will have a great experience.

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Chiang Mai Circuit offers 4 types of go-kart rentals

          Fulfill your ultimate fun at Chiang Mai Circuit, a racetrack that provides a variety of go-kart rentals covering all ages, from children to adults. Our go-kart racing track offers 4 types of go-karts for you to rent:

  1. Adult go-kart rentals: They have broad, comfortable seats that support your body to drive go-karts to the fullest with Chiang Mai Circuit’s safety standards.
  2. Children’s go-kart rentals: They are small and suitable for children who want to race on the go-kart racetrack.
  3. 2-seater go-karts: This is another type of car for families and best friends who want to drive go-karts together.
  4. Racing karts: Real racing go-karts that drivers have tested on many tracks and encountered all kinds of curves.

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Create challenges for you at Chiang Mai Circuit

          Add new experiences by visiting Chiang Mai Circuit, a place for unlimited speed competitions. Suitable for outdoor sports lovers, there are many types of go-karts to rent. Come and join us for fun activities every day. It is considered a great place to visit and do adventure activities in Chiang Mai with your family and friends. It is very safe because it is a go-kart racing track that has passed international standards. Inside, the track is spacious and airy. You can compete together with many people. It also helps to increase good relationships with your loved ones.