Chiangmai Circuit FAQ

For the customers to use the Chiang Mai Circuit’s services. We have to collect the information that is useful to customers and this is the most important question as the customers want to know. It has details about the prices, promotions or other special services that the customer doesn’t know yet. The customers can contact the official of Chiang Mai Circuit at Facebook/Instagram/Line/TikTok/Youtube or contact number 092-324-7555


The customers do not prepare any equipment because The Chiangmai Circuit has good quality protective equipment available free of charge.

The customers can drive 1 time (unlimited rounds) within 10 minutes./p>

The customers can drive on the race track even if they are brand-new drivers because we have the specialist to advise them before driving.

There’s no age limit for children to drive the go-karts but they must be over 130 cm tall and be in good health.

The price to rent a go kart for adults: 10 minutes / 600 Baht and for children: 10 minutes / 500 Baht./p>

The customers can contact the main official page at Chiangmai Circuit because the promotions may be increased or changed.

Our service has a parking fee.  A motorcycle/go-kart is 100 Baht per day and 1,000 Baht per month.

We have a gokart washing service for 300 Baht per car

The price to service is 1,000 Baht/day but if the customers need to service with a check-up, it is 1,500 Baht/day.

The total for a go kart race track is 1,100 meters. It is the longest go-kart race track in Northern.

Normally, driving a go-kart should not exceed 15 minutes per round each time, since the body is losing energy or feeling achy all over that is from the go-kart vibrating because the go-kart doesn’t have a suspension system and steering control system.