Karting contraindications and proper applications

Karting contraindications and proper applications
17 Apr 2024

Go-kart preparation for new drivers

          Being self-prepared is necessary for brand-new drivers before the first drive. The theory will keep drivers safe and enhance playfulness.

  1. Do not drink alcohol and all kinds of drugs contained.
  2. Learn the rules and regulations for driving go-karts on the track in detail.
  3. A woman who has long hair must tie it up to prevent the hair from getting tangled in the kart engine.
  4. Always wear protective clothing and safety equipment that is fit for each person’s body.
  5. Wear canvas shoes or closed-toe shoes that tighten to your feet.
  6. Do not carry items with you before entering the track, such as keys, mobile phones, or stuffs.

4 restrictions for beginners should know when driving go-karts on the track

          Even though go-karting is not a difficult sport it can be driven by kids and adults. However, driving a go-kart must always be safe. Thus, the race track has rules and conditions to avoid an accident that might occur.

  1. Do not keep the gas pedal while driving on a curve and should slow speed before turning your kart on the track lines.
  2. Do not hold the steering wheel with one hand because it remains all control of the kart and may cause danger to the driver.
  3. Avoid driving over karting in front of you. Take a curve line might new for drivers, there is might be sudden braking. The over-close distance might lead to driving accidents on the track.
  4. The position of the driver must be stable; the feet must not be removed from the pedals during driving. The driver’s position will affect the center of the car balance which is necessary for driving performance.