Chiangmai Circuit has a private parking and cleaning service for the customers. The parking go-kart room is closed and has shelves for parking a gokart and safety. Thus, we have CCTV cameras 24 hours as well. If the customers are interested in this service, we have a fee service for storing private go karts (daily or monthly). The price for parking is 100 Baht/day and 1,000 Baht/month and is safe to store because we have the karting and experts to take care of them.  Thus, the customers cannot bring the go-kart in or out by themselves. They must ask the race track staff to bring them in / out and we’re open daily. 

Private parking for go kart (Daily)

100 BAHT / DAY

Private parking for go kart (Monthly)

1,000 BAHT / MONTH

Go Kart wash service


300 BAHT / CAR

** For private go-kart parking, the customers must come during business hours from 09:00 am – 09:00 pm. only. ** 

FAQ for the customers who would like to use a private parking service for gokart .

We will give a form to fill and the customer has to show an ID card, leave a phone number and copy documents, etc .

The price is 300 Baht for a big bike and go-kart.

We have private parking for go-kart and the price is 300 Baht/day, 1,000 Baht/month