Safety standards in Chiangmai Circuit

Safety standards in Chiangmai Circuit
Safety standards in Chiangmai Circuit

          There is a growing interest in adventure sports, particularly outdoor go-karting, at Chiangmai Circuit. We understand that high-speed activities like go-karting carry a risk of accidents. To mitigate this, we have meticulously designed a special field line route that is suitable for go-karting and maximizes safety. Additionally, we have a fully equipped first aid room on standby to serve any emergency patients. Our high safety standards Are designed to reassure customers that Chiangmai Circuit is a safe place to enjoy go-karting.

Basic life support training project at Chiangmai Circuit

          Chiangmai Circuit has requested assistance from Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai. Came to teach the basic life support training program, CPR, and first aid. We gained a lot of knowledge from the project. Which has the following details:

  1. Equipment related to first aid Make us familiar with first aid equipment and can be used correctly according to the situation
  2. First aid for emergency patients: Learn about various theories that will make emergency patients come back alive
  3. CPR resuscitation operations. There is training for us to perform CPR on a test dummy. The hospital has told us where. and the manner of CPR clearly
  4. Enhance knowledge about warming up the body. Before going on an extreme activity, relax the muscles and reduce the occurrence of cramps or tendons.

          At Chiangmai Circuit, we place a high priority on safety for our customers and employees. We believe that safety is a collective responsibility, and our team is committed to ensuring it. As part of this commitment, we have organized activities to enhance the team’s skills in providing basic assistance to emergency patients. This collective effort is aimed at building confidence in the safety of our Chiang Mai go-kart field.

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Safety is something Chiangmai Circuit always stands for.

          At Chiangmai Circuit, we uphold the highest safety standards. This commitment extends beyond our field and first aid room. We place a strong emphasis on the thorough inspection of equipment and karts before every drive. This meticulous approach is designed to enhance safety for our customers, ensuring everyone can feel fully confident when using our services at The Chiang Mai go-kart track.