Friends having fun in a gang at Chiang Mai Circuit

Friends having fun in a gang at Chiang Mai Circuit
Friends having fun in a gang at Chiang Mai Circuit

          Chiang Mai Circuit Go-Kart Track is an exciting destination for close friends. Invite each other to do adventure activities and create good memories together. Just bring your student ID card to receive a special discount on go-kart driving activities on a standard track so that the gang can have fun to the fullest. It comes with many facilities that can capture good moments together.

          Our track is also considered an activity in Chiang Mai that is a destination for many enthusiasts. It is located amidst the beautiful scenery of the North. It is a new landmark. Just come to San Kamphaeng. You are guaranteed to have fun, friendship, photos with friends, and lots of laughter.

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Advantages of visiting Chiang Mai Circuit with friends

          Chiang Mai Circuit is not only an essential place for those who love fun but also a place to build friendships between friends. For those who want to visit San Kamphaeng with a gang of friends, our track is a good choice for building relationships, whether it is

  1. Irresistible fun from driving go-karts with friends who compete at full speed
  2. More friendships between friends, making it an activity in Chiang Mai that groups of students come to have fun together
  3. Getting to know new groups of friends, both Thais and foreigners, who always come to use the service
  4. Having excellent go-kart photos, no matter what kind of curves you encounter, it will come out beautiful and look good in every situation

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Chiang Mai Circuit supports all your competitions

          Chiang Mai Circuit is a tourist attraction with high safety standards. The racetrack design meets the standards. Suppose anyone is interested in inviting friends to join in fun activities like this. In that case, we have a student/university promotion with great discounts and a racing in the rain promotion for you to try driving on wet tracks. Come and create experiences outside the classroom with an activity in Chiang Mai known to be the most fun in the San Kamphaeng area by driving go-karts on the largest racetrack in the North.