Tips of karting for beginner to wining over competitors on race track

Tips of karting for beginner to wining over competitors on race track
17 Apr 2024

Tips for karting for beginners to winning over competitors on race track

          When you have experienced go-kart driving for a while, some might want advanced level or hitting themselves mission. To enhance your go-kart skills, the following tips help you get over the competitor:

  • Keep practicing and take time to study the trackway. Chiangmai Circuit has a spacious track area which is important to practicing. We also provide a variety of go-kart services to customers.
  • Observe your comfortable track line and up more speed than your previous track. Record your timing in each lap and challenge yourself with practice at the new route map.
  • Use your body weight to bend in to track the curb while turning. To make kart wheels have more traction on the street, this technique will help you take a curve faster.
  • Focus on your surroundings If you want to overtake other karts, try to control your wheel well. Beware of distance to overtake whether be able or not or should have leave little distances between yours and others. You also should drive with politeness.
  • Drive with relaxing, you do not have to be pressure with heavy practicing. Not everyone can be karting expert at one time, keep practice is better.

4 methods to professional karting

          People who have not experience driving go kart may think that it is too difficult. It is easy than you have thought if you have a proper way of driving.

  1. Observing of curve line at race track
  2. Known and recognize basic driving signal
  3. Distinguish the vehicle’s weight to put up gas pedal or brake appropriately
  4. Get your body ready every time before driving to avoid over exhausted after driving go kart

These are simple techniques for everyone to apply before going to be professional. We, Chiangmai Circuit, the largest go-kart track in the northern. We offer service to both beginners and those who are practicing to enhance their performance before going to a racing competition.