Registration is now opened “Chiangmai Kart Race 2024 Round 3”

เปิดรับสมัครนักแข่ง “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 3”
เปิดรับสมัครนักแข่ง “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 3”

          For those waiting for the Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 3, the Chiangmai Circuit has now organized this event, opening applications for go-kart racers for the third round, to be held on Sunday, July 28, 2024.

          This go-kart race has continued to gain popularity among racers of all levels, as it provides opportunities for both new and professional racers to participate in activities together, exchange ideas, and talk about go-karts to the fullest.

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Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 3 Application Details

          Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 3 will have similar information to Kart Race Round 2, with both go-kart rental and personal go-kart categories, with the following details:

  1. Rental Kart type has 2 classes as following.
  • Rental Kart Novice
  • Rental Kart Professional

The Apply Fee is only 3,000 baht / Driver

Note:  Novice Driver can register for Professional class  with  Additional Apply Fee only 2,000 baht

  2. For the Private Racing Kart 4 Stoke (Stock) open for 2 classes :

  • Racing Kart 4 Stroke (Stock)  Junior (Age 11-14 years old)
  • Racing Kart 4 Stroke (Stock)  Senior (Above 14 years old)

The Apply Fee  is only 9,500 baht

(Including 1 set of new Maxxis PRIME tyre for this Race Event)

* Apply now :


          Please have all racers register at the specified time. If racers do not arrive at the specified time, the staff will draw a car number / group / starting position instead of the racer and cannot change the racer.

kart race round 3 table

          However, the registration will end on July 27, 2024. Please follow the social media channels for more information about the Kart Race 2024 Round 3. The competition rules will be clearly explained.