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The go-kart racing equipment that racers use when driving go-karts.

The go-kart racing equipment that racers use when driving go-karts.
The go-kart racing equipment that racers use when driving go-karts.

          As you may be aware, safety equipment is essential for activities that involve high risks. In case of an unexpected accident, these devices can protect your body and prevent further harm. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits offered by each tool.

          Go-karting can be dangerous due to high speeds and lack of protective frames. Racers should always use proper safety equipment. What kind of equipment is recommended for go-karting?

  1. Helmet – It is important to wear the appropriate safety gear when driving a go-kart. The most crucial wearable device is the helmet, which helps reduce the impact force on the head during an emergency. Only full-face helmets are recommended for use.
  2. Karting Suit – The karting suit is an outfit that covers the entire body and cannot be separated into different pieces. It prevents the fabric from tearing and protects the driver’s skin from friction.
  3. Neck Protect – To prevent neck injuries in case of an accident, it is recommended to wear a neck block around the neck. First, insert the neck block and then slowly put on the helmet.
  4. Headscarf – A headscarf can be worn to keep the driver’s hair and ears away from their face while driving. It also helps to prevent sweat from getting into the eyes and keeps the helmet from smelling bad.
  5. Gloves – Gloves should always be worn while driving a go-kart to prevent slipping while holding the steering wheel and to reduce vibrations from the road surface. This makes steering control tighter than before.
  6. Shoes – It is advisable to wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers to ensure proper footing on the accelerator and to avoid stones hitting the feet. This also helps prevent the shoes from falling off while driving.

          The Chiang Mai Circuit provides free equipment that is thoroughly cleaned, washed, and disinfected for customers participating in go-kart racing. Free clothes are also available for customers to wear during the race.