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Be careful! Heatstroke when playing outdoor sports

Be careful! Heatstroke when playing outdoor sports
Be careful! Heatstroke when playing outdoor sports

          Playing outdoor sports activities in the summer carries a high risk of heatstroke. We call it “heat stroke” at any time because, in Thailand, it is during the summer. The temperature is very high, about 40 degrees Celsius. This hot weather will cause the body temperature to rise quickly until there is a condition in the body that cannot adapt or control the level of heat within the body.

          Our Chiangmai Circuit is a tourist attraction in the form of an outdoor go-kart. If you don’t prepare yourself physically beforehand, there is a risk of heat stroke because of driving a go-kart each round. Drivers will be exposed to the sun. And high temperatures. Therefore, we have always prepared for emergencies of this nature.

Warning signs of heat stroke from playing outdoor sports

          Those who regularly play outdoor sports know that extreme activities or exercising hard outdoors raise the body temperature several times above ordinary. Resisting your body can cause dizziness, headaches, irregular breathing, or even shock and unconsciousness. We will tell you warning signs or symptoms you must be careful of.

  1. High body temperature or fever over 40 degrees Celsius.
  2. No sweating; skin becomes dry and turns redder.
  3. Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue.
  4. Nervous system abnormalities include slow response, seizures, and loss of consciousness.
  5. Feeling thirsty more than usual

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How to play outdoor sports and be safe from heat stroke

          Of course, outdoor sports require the body to be exposed to the sun for a long time. Many people probably wonder: How can I avoid heat stroke? Today, we have guidelines for the prevention of this disease. If you follow the steps well, Playing sports or exercising in the sun will keep you safe with this type of activity.

  1. If you are a beginner, you should spend at most 30 minutes doing outdoor activities. When your body has adjusted, gradually increase the time period as appropriate.
  2. Choose to wear light-colored, thin fabric that has good ventilation. Wearing dark clothes will absorb more heat than light colors.
  3. Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Sip little but often. This will continuously add moisture to your body.
  4. During heavy sports, You should refrain from drinking alcohol. Or drinks that are high in sugar, But drink mineral water. To replace a large amount of water lost

          Whether you exercise hard, Play extreme sports like Driving a go-kart in Chiang Mai, or do any other genre, it’s important to take care of your body. Always prepare before doing activities for your own safety. Then, you will be able to happily join in the fun of the sport you love.

Recruitment for racers “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”

เปิดรับสมัครนักแข่งในงาน “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”
เปิดรับสมัครนักแข่งในงาน “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”

          From the first round of the go-kart competition at “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024” there was a very good response. With racers applying from many nationalities. From childhood to adulthood Make it an activity that is both fun. and see each person’s driving technique Therefore we have organized this activity again. To come and test our skills again.

          Anyone who likes speed on the go-kart track soon, please prepare yourself. Because Chiang Mai Circuit has opened applications for go-kart racers for the event “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2” which will be held on Sunday, May 26, 2024, divided into 2 categories: Rental Kart and Racing Kart 4 Stoke ( Stock) with applications open, limited to 24 people only.

Recruitment detail “Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2”

          For information on applying for Chiangmai Circuit Kart Race 2024 Round 2, this round will include both rental car models. and private go-karts Each type is further divided into 2 models, with details as follows:

  1. Rental Kart type has 2 models as follows.
  • Amateur rental car model
  • Car Rental Pro model

The Apply Fee is only 3,000 baht / Driver

Note :  Novice Driver can register for Professional class batch with  Additional Apply Fee only 2,000 baht 

  1. For the Racing Kart 4 Stoke (Stock) open for 2 classes :
  • Racing Kart 4 Stroke (Stock)  Junior (Age 11-14 years old)
  • Racing Kart 4 Stroke (Stock)  Senior (Above 14 years old)

The Apply Fee  is only 9,500  baht

(Including 1 set of new Maxxis PRIME tyre for this Race Event)

Apply now :

Additional conditions:

          I would like to ask all go-kart racers to register at the designated time. If the racer doesn’t arrive on time, The officials request permission to draw numbers of cars / groups / car starting positions on behalf of the racer and cannot replace the racer in any case.

schedule kart race round 2 01
schedule kart race round 2 02

          Applications will end on May 25, 2024. More details. For the Kart Race 2024 Round 2 competition, you can follow it on our social media channels. The information about the competition rules will be clearly explained.

Safety standards in Chiangmai Circuit

Safety standards in Chiangmai Circuit
Safety standards in Chiangmai Circuit

          There is a growing interest in adventure sports, particularly outdoor go-karting, at Chiangmai Circuit. We understand that high-speed activities like go-karting carry a risk of accidents. To mitigate this, we have meticulously designed a special field line route that is suitable for go-karting and maximizes safety. Additionally, we have a fully equipped first aid room on standby to serve any emergency patients. Our high safety standards Are designed to reassure customers that Chiangmai Circuit is a safe place to enjoy go-karting.

Basic life support training project at Chiangmai Circuit

          Chiangmai Circuit has requested assistance from Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai. Came to teach the basic life support training program, CPR, and first aid. We gained a lot of knowledge from the project. Which has the following details:

  1. Equipment related to first aid Make us familiar with first aid equipment and can be used correctly according to the situation
  2. First aid for emergency patients: Learn about various theories that will make emergency patients come back alive
  3. CPR resuscitation operations. There is training for us to perform CPR on a test dummy. The hospital has told us where. and the manner of CPR clearly
  4. Enhance knowledge about warming up the body. Before going on an extreme activity, relax the muscles and reduce the occurrence of cramps or tendons.

          At Chiangmai Circuit, we place a high priority on safety for our customers and employees. We believe that safety is a collective responsibility, and our team is committed to ensuring it. As part of this commitment, we have organized activities to enhance the team’s skills in providing basic assistance to emergency patients. This collective effort is aimed at building confidence in the safety of our Chiang Mai go-kart field.

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Safety is something Chiangmai Circuit always stands for.

          At Chiangmai Circuit, we uphold the highest safety standards. This commitment extends beyond our field and first aid room. We place a strong emphasis on the thorough inspection of equipment and karts before every drive. This meticulous approach is designed to enhance safety for our customers, ensuring everyone can feel fully confident when using our services at The Chiang Mai go-kart track.


Reveal the secret! Training for go-kart racers at Chiang Mai Circuit

Reveal the secret! Training for go-kart racers at Chiang Mai Circuit
Reveal the secret! Training for go-kart racers at Chiang Mai Circuit

          Becoming a go-kart racer is not just a matter of curiosity and driving ability. You must also have a strong body ready to deal with the force of driving speed because go-karting is a sport that requires speed to get the best record and a short driving lap time. This can cause pressure and stress on yourself, so having a healthy body is the most necessary thing in order not to be an obstacle to further development in this sport.

          Moreover, studying and learning about go-karts from the beginning is very important because it will help you understand the techniques. And regulations of this sport itself. The most important thing is to have an expert teacher teaching go-kart driving who will help prepare and offer unique techniques to new racers. This information results in conditions for playing go-kart and becoming a racer. Therefore, if you are interested in furthering this sport, you should study and learn about it from the beginning. Find expert teachers at Chiangmai Circuit who have the experience to help strengthen your skills and become a professional racer.

Essential principles for training go-kart racers

          Learning to drive a go-kart on a race track is vital to becoming a go-kart racer. Skilled and safe in competition. We have essential principles that help build the skills of racers effectively as follows:

  1. Learning theory and practice

Understand and promote learning about the propulsion system of go-karts and apply the knowledge gained to the actual field.

  2. Learning driving techniques

Experienced skills It is an asset for students to learn techniques for competing with better efficiency.

  3. Training and improvement

Take the skills you have learned and apply them to your preferred style of go-karting. Practice regularly.

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Any age can be a go-kart racer.

          Chiang Mai Circuit, a unique hub for aspiring Go-kart racers. Our focus is on comprehensive go-kart training, combining theory and practical sessions. We aim to develop the right driving skills For each individual, making racing accessible to all. Our expert instructors ensure safety and effectiveness in the sport of karting, setting us apart from other training facilities.

Atmosphere at the Chiangmai Circuit go-kart race, January 2024

Atmosphere at the Chiangmai Circuit go-kart race, January 2024.
Atmosphere at the Chiangmai Circuit go-kart race, January 2024.

The Chiangmai Circuit is holding the Endurance Winter 2024, a 3-hour go-kart race, with limited availability for only 8 teams of 3-5 people. The entry fee is 15,000 baht per team. The event is open for Thai and local go-kart racers, as well as foreigners who love extreme sports. The activity period is from 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm, and outsiders can enter for free all day long. Join in on the fun!

Winning Team of the “Endurance Winter 2024”

1st Place Winner Team

1st Place Winner Team Endurance Winter 2024

2nd Place Winner Team

2nd Place Winner Team Endurance Winter 2024

3rd Place Winner Team

3rd Place Winner Team Endurance Winter 2024

Photos of the atmosphere of the competition “Endurance Winter 2024”

At Chiangmai Circuit, we prioritize safety for all go-kart racers. Our officers monitor the track and we have a bump-proof edge to prevent slipping across lanes. Flag symbols for each color indicate lane boundaries. Our goal is to provide a secure racing experience, free of worries.

Rules and regulations applicable to all competing teams.

The Chiangmai Circuit has regulations for racers, using a weight system for fairness. Racer’s weight is measured once before the competition, and the average base weight is 80 kg with a max increase of 25 kg.

  • Teams must meet minimum driving time and driver composition requirements.
  • A rule limits driver and eating time during the competition.
  • Maximum driving time depends on the field’s fair benefit and number of drivers per team.
  • Each driver will drive for 60 minutes if there are three drivers.
  • The ceiling for driving time is 78 minutes, which is 60 minutes plus 30% of 60 minutes (18 minutes).

This activity is designed to provide an opportunity for both Thai and foreign racers to experience the sport and further develop their skills for the world championship. Participating in this fun activity is a great experience that you shouldn’t miss. If you are interested in trying this track, please visit the FB Page: Chiangmai Circuit Go-kart or contact them at (+66)92 324 7555.