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Full of fun! Go-kart racing at night for the first time in Chiang Mai.

Full of fun! Go-kart racing at night for the first time in Chiang Mai.
Full of fun! Go-kart racing at night for the first time in Chiang Mai.

          Chiang Mai Circuit offers standard go-kart rentals. It has become a popular tourist attraction for Thais and foreigners who can race their speed on the go-kart track during the day and at night. With a length of 1,200 meters, many people are using the service.

          And with safety at night, Chiang Mai Circuit is considered a worthwhile after-work activity/sport with monthly promotions. It is open daily, no holidays, like getting a good experience in both Day and Night Mode.

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“Chiang Mai Circuit Go-Kart meets the needs of extreme sports enthusiasts with full-on fun!!”

Advantages of playing go-karts at night.

          A new type of nightlife in the San Kamphaeng area With exciting activities such as driving go-karts, which is fun for all ages. Invite your friends and family to play go-karts at Chiang Mai Circuit. At night, you will find many great experiences, such as:

  1. Cool atmosphere

          It is a good choice for those who love extreme sports but do not want to face the sunlight. You can come to drive go-karts at night here.

  1. A new and exciting experience

          Because at night the area around the field will have lights to see the view at night, increasing the excitement for you to challenge even more.

  1. Quiet, easy to focus

          Because there are not many users at night, driving in the field is not crowded. There is space for you to drive to the fullest.

  1. Fun after work

          It helps you relax after a long day of work or study. Have fun with friends and family.

  1. Beautiful lights, spotlights at various points

          Go-kart racing track: The lights at night create a beautiful and warm atmosphere, allowing you to take beautiful pictures.

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Have fun with go-karts with special promotions.

          A challenging nighttime activity like go-karting is an activity that allows everyone to have the most fun. The fastest speed determines the winner. The whole family can join the fun or invite friends to a party at our go-kart track at a convenient time because it is open every day without holidays. If anyone comes now, Chiang Mai Circuit has a special promotion. Buy 2 Races get 1 Race free for customers to use when renting go-karts. It is guaranteed to drive go-karts at a great price. Hurry up and book a track to experience this fun experience.