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Basic Training Standards for Driving Rental Kart

Basic training standards for go-kart rental driving
Basic training standards for go-kart rental driving

          Driving Rental Kart is a fun and exciting motorsports activity, making it easily accessible to both children and adults. Therefore, it is necessary to have basic training at the Chiang Mai Circuit Go-Kart Track.

          Participants will get training to understand Rental Kart driving and Track Line before driving the actual one , which is trained by Experienced staffs.

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Introduction of Rental Kart Driving before going on the track

          Those who come to use our services must have training before going on the track. This is a Safety Procedure for all participants. To ensure that you follow the rules of the go-kart track correctly, the basic training standards are as follows:

  1. How to drive Rental Kart
  2. Flag Signals
  3. Wearing Karting Gears
  4. Gokart Safety Driving
  5. Theory and Practice are appropriately linked

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The key to driving Rental Kart efficiently

          For driving Rental Kart at Chiang Mai Circuit, the most important thing is the Safety and Fun, including wearing safety equipment (Karting Gears) correctly so that participants can enjoy driving safely. In addition, the go-kart track here is designed to have both straight and curved tracks of various types, making it suitable for motorsports activities that will give you a great fun experience.